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Solar Music Brass & Woodwind

Buescher Aristocrat Series 1 Tenor Saxophone

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$4,995.00 AUD

Experience the unmatched allure of the Beuscher Aristocrat Series 1 Tenor Saxophone, meticulously crafted in 1936 and customized for optimal ergonomics. This iconic instrument, with its lustrous silver-plated finish, encapsulates a bygone era of saxophone excellence, now revitalized for modern musicians.

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Individually re-padded and serviced to perfection, every aspect of this saxophone exudes precision and artistry. But what truly sets it apart is its custom modification for optimal ergonomics. Designed with the musician's comfort in mind, every key, curve, and contour has been refined to enhance playability and reduce fatigue.

From the historic manufacturing processes to the contemporary modifications, the Beuscher Aristocrat Series 1 remains a testament to innovation and craftsmanship. Buescher's legacy of excellence shines through in every note, ensuring a sublime musical experience for players of all levels.

Whether you're drawn to its vintage charm or captivated by its modern functionality, the Beuscher Aristocrat Series 1 Tenor Saxophone is an instrument like no other. Elevate your performance, embrace your passion, and immerse yourself in the timeless beauty of music with this exceptional saxophone by your side. Experience the difference of custom ergonomics – order yours today.