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Keilwerth SX90R Vintage Tenor Saxophone 2nd hand

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Founded in 1925 in Germany, the Keilwerth brand has remained synonymous with excellence in saxophone manufacturing for generations. This Keilwerth SX90R Tenor Saxophone represents the pinnacle of their craftsmanship.

Vintage Elegance, Timeless Sound: The SX90R model is celebrated in the professional music community for its unmatched tonal qualities and remarkable playability. Handmade with meticulous attention to detail, it captures the essence of a bygone era when craftsmanship was revered, and musical instruments were revered as true works of art.

A Glimpse into Manufacturing Excellence:

  • Handmade Craftsmanship: Each Keilwerth saxophone is crafted by skilled artisans, ensuring precision and attention to detail that meets the rigorous demands of professional musicians.

  • Premium Materials: This saxophone boasts a brass body and keys, delivering a warm, resonant tone that inspires your creativity and stands up to the rigors of your performances.

  • Advanced Keywork: The SX90R features exceptionally smooth and responsive keywork, allowing you to achieve precise articulation and unparalleled expression in your music.

  • Vintage Aesthetics: Admire the vintage charm of this instrument, with its elegant lacquer finish and distinctive design elements that pay homage to saxophones of the past.

Why the Keilwerth SX90R Tenor Saxophone is Your Ideal Choice:

  • Exceptional Sound: Elevate your musical performances to new heights with the rich, expressive tones that only a vintage Keilwerth can deliver.

  • Heritage and Tradition: Embrace an instrument that carries the legacy of Keilwerth's craftsmanship, a legacy that aligns perfectly with your professional standards.

  • Collectible Value: As a professional, you recognize that vintage instruments like this one hold not only musical but also historical and collectible value.

  • Unique Character: No two vintage saxophones are exactly alike, providing you with an instrument that possesses a distinct personality all its own.

For a professional saxophonist like you, the Keilwerth SX90R Tenor Saxophone isn't just an instrument; it's an investment in your craft and a gateway to unparalleled musical expression. Don't miss this opportunity to own a piece of history and experience the extraordinary sound and craftsmanship that Keilwerth is renowned for.

Act swiftly, as vintage treasures like this are in high demand among professionals who demand nothing but the best. Purchase the Keilwerth SX90R Tenor Saxophone today, and let your music resonate with the echoes of the past while pushing the boundaries of the future.