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SML Rev-D Alto Saxophone 10xxx
SML Rev-D Alto Saxophone 10xxx

SML Rev-D Alto Saxophone 10xxx

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Strasser Marigaux & Lemaire was founded in 1934 by three members: Charles Strasser, a Swiss businessman, Marigaux, an instrument craftsman who grew up in the Buffets and Crampon workshops, where his father was "premier ouvrier," and Lemaire. After Lemaire's death many years ago, Strasser and Marigaux took over the share of their partner's company, then Marigaux died at the beginning of the 70's, and lost the SML master he stopped making saxophones. Marigaux has been considered one of the best oboe makers in the world, but started producing saxophones ever since the company was founded, two years before Selmer introduced Balanced Action, a revolutionary sax. SML stopped producing sax in 1982. At the time, the company produced 400 pieces per year, including the King Marigaux of the American market. The famous 22 mechanical characteristics of SML saxes appeared in 1951. The Revision C had some already since 1949, but they were definitely with Revision D.

1. Removable neck lock. A 4-slot ring employs a uniform pressure on the neck without loss.
2. Key features improved by the new octave linkage system, built with a rocker mechanism that ensures faster action. It facilitates wide jumps and ensures, especially on the tenor, that the RE plays full body.
3. All the screws are in first class steel. The stud screws are hardened to the blue degree for long life.
4. All key mechanisms are forged by hand.
5. The different screw adjustments allow perfect alignment of the keys.
6. The mother-of-pearl keys are scientifically positioned to facilitate the speed of fingering.
7. The ribs of the keys are built to reinforce the entire diameter of the cup.
8. RE, RE # and FA keys are mounted on a single plate for shaft safety in the fastest steps.
9. The main actions are anchored to a single plate for a greater resistance.
10. The optional feature of the joint with the adjustable closure of the SOL # allows both individual execution of SOL #
DO #, SI, SIb, both in groups. All the action is facilitated!
11. The side and main action bars are positioned at low level ("swedged") to move with precision.
12. Adjustment of the set screw for the key of the SOL # key.
13. The large additional flange (tenor only) of the bell allows an increase in the resonance power and a clear and clean pianissimo.
14. The set screw allows better adjustment on the lever which actuates the Bb key.
15. Felt guards mounted behind the instrument eliminate the possibility of holding clothes under the buttons.
16. The entire bell, from the opening to the curve, is exquisitely hand-engraved.
17. Removable key guards allow easy access to the pads of low notes.
18. SI and low SIb work uniformly because they rest on special block-proof rollers.
19. The holes are of the rolled tone type with rounded edges that allow the passage of maximum air without loss, and do not risk cutting the pads.
20. The adjustable felts to allow low SI, SIb, DO and MIb tuning.