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SYOS Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece

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$266.70 AUD
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$266.70 AUD

Due to the vast number of models and colours, only a few have been listed here.  for more option please call or email us.  All mouthpieces retail at $266.70 AUD.


The four options you have to customise are:


-Tip opening

-Mouthpiece Colour

-Ligature Colour


Knoel Scott signature

Low curved baffle Very large chamber Tone : Dark, warm and quite powerful

"My mouthpiece has given my horn the sound I have been looking for. It has greatly improved the quality of my sound and expression."


Godwin Louis signature

High curved baffle with ridges Large chamber Tone : Very flexible, spread and powerful

"My Syos mouthpiece provides a warm clear sound. It's a highly responsive mouthpiece, with a darker sound that allows the sound to cut through."


M. Lockett signature

High Step baffle Medium chamber Tone : Very bright, thin and powerful

"For alto I want to be able to go from a roaring lead sound to a warm jazz sound in a heartbeat. This Syos mouthpiece gives me that, and everything in between"