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SYOS Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece

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$266.70 AUD
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$266.70 AUD

Due to the vast number of models and colours, only a few have been listed here.  for more option please call or email us.  All mouthpieces retail at $266.70 AUD.


The four options you have to customise are:


-Tip opening

-Mouthpiece Colour

-Ligature Colour


Tivon Pennicott Signature

Low circular baffle with ridges Small chamber Tone : Dark and powerful, with some edge

"My Syos mouthpiece is uniquely comfortable for me. I can easily access my altissimo while also blowing through my low subtone notes with ease."


Daro Behroozi signature

Rollover baffle Very Small chamber Tone : medium bright, very powerful

"My Syos mouthpiece enables me to play with a very wide range of tonal colors and dynamics, expanding the sonic possibilities of my instrument."


Chad Lefkowitz signature

High step baffle Small chamber Tone : Bright and powerful

"My Syos mouthpiece helps give my sound tons of power and a thick core. It’s always super easy to play and helps me articulate clearly, even on fast lines!"