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Teacher on Tap

Teacher on Tap - Sop/Tenor Sax Bk1

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What is TOT?

Welcome to the Teacher on Tap Instrument Learning System

Teacher on Tap has been created to fill a need for a tuition method that will be useful to students from beginner to advanced. It is comprehensive and thorough and caters to a wide range of tastes and musical styles. It provides technical information and a detailed examination of those challenges specific to the Saxophone or Clarinet.

Teacher on Tap uses current technology to provide aural models that will allow the student to develop a good concept of playing the instrument in a range of musical styles. It is very affordable, and very effective for students studying alone, in band programs, or with a teacher. The method is fun and makes the process of learning enjoyable.

Teacher on Tap comes in three book/CD units; Elementary, Intermediate, and Advanced for Eb saxophones (alto/baritone) or Bb saxophones (tenor/soprano), or Bb Clarinet, all linked to the Workshop Manual information books.


Each Book/CD unit contains:

  1. A lesson Plan which shows how new material is introduced to the student systematically in absorbable amounts. Moving logically through the key cycle, new pitches, rhythms, articulations, technical challenges, musical notation, terms, styles and forms are presented, all linked to the "Workshop Manual" for further detail.
    By the end of the Advanced book the student will be familiar with all standard fingerings on the instrument, most common forms of articulation, the key cycle (major and minor) up to three sharps and flats and a broad spectrum of rhythms and their notation. Also musical terms, a wide range of musical styles, and a good body of technical information about the instrument. The student will have a solid concept of tone production, and the confidence to move on, with a teacher, to study the existing repertoire in whatever style he or she chooses.
  2. Practice Routines which are intended to help students to structure their practice time for maximum benefit. Coupled with the "Art of Practice" article in the "Workshop Manual" the student should be able to use what time they have for practice most efficiently.
  3. A Key/Scale Outline to familiarise the student with each new key and its scale (a new key for each level from Level 4 onward). It contains the basic scale shape, the chord and extensions, and the scale in thirds.
  4. Technical studies which provide the player with a thorough investigation of the challenges likely to be encountered in certain keys, finger technique, articulation, rhythmic notation and style considerations. They are designed to prepare the student for the upcoming pieces. These are all linked with the "Workshop Manual" to aid in problem solving.
  5. Pieces, which are the core of the system and present challenging material in an enjoyable and palatable way. Technique, articulation, reading, control and musical challenges are presented within a wide range of styles likely to be encountered by today's saxophone/clarinet player. They contain memorable melodies, contemporary harmonies, rhythms and sonorities that are characteristic of these musical styles.
  6. The CD, which is essential in helping the student to develop a concept of playing the instrument and the music itself. Each piece is presented with
    1. the piece being demonstrated and
    2. the background minus the soloist, providing the student with an accompaniment with which to practice. Besides being fun, playing with the background accompaniment should dramatically develop the student's awareness of intonation (tuning) and time (pulse). These are critical factors for a saxophone player and are often not dealt with suitably in other methods.