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Temby Debut Flute

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$695.00 AUD
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$695.00 AUD
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$695.00 AUD
Features Benefits
Headjoint tapered Less effort required to produce sound and more volume.
Crown Custom fitted to maintain accurate tuning.
Lip plate curvature For comfort when placing on your chin.
Lip plate design Makes sure that you have your mouth in the best position to produce a good sound with ease.
Keywork Made from solid metal so it is incredibly strong and durable. Totally precise engineering and hand finishing makes sure that the keys move smooty and fast probably faster than your fingers will ever be able to move.
Footjoint Fitted to the body with utmost precision to make sure that the keys stay in the best position for playing
Adjusters All major keys have micro adjusters so that our trained technicians can make very quick adjustments to the mechanism when required.
Body, head and foot tubing The finest quality nickel silver is used for the body. This enables highest reactivity less breath for more sound.
Pads Double bladder highest quality pads are used maintains best air seal and secure feel when pressing keys.
Springs Only the finest quality is used for longterm reliability and even key pressure for all keys. These help the keys to respond quicker as well.