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Temby Professional Alto Saxophone (2nd hand)

Temby Professional Alto Saxophone (2nd hand)

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This Sax is in great condition, with some repair work done in the past.


The pro horn that both professionals and students deserve!  You don’t have to be a professional saxophonist to play this horn, but it will help you to play better, more easily. And of course, if you are a pro, this is a great “all-round” saxophone. This is the horn that started it all for Temby.

First released in 1997 these saxophones were unique in that they offered the sound & reliability of a european horn with the ease of playing of a Japanese saxophone. Since those early days, thousands of these instruments have been enjoyed by students, teachers & professionals. Like all other Temby horns, this model represents excellent value!

With a series of minor changes & improvements over many years, Temby professional saxophones have become recognised as the instrument of choice in many schools and by players of all levels.

The Temby Professional alto saxophone has tonal clarity and versatility,  accurate intonation, incredible response and is engineered for the ultimate in reliability. It is at home in school bands and ensembles, in the exam room or as a great all-round professional’s alto.

All design development & modelling work is undertaken in Australia with input from many professional musicians. Heavy engineering is then completed with specialised machinery in Taiwan. Final work is then carried out in the workshops in Melbourne, Australia. The Temby Australia saxophone is an instrument that compares favourably with saxes with higher price tags.

Due to Temby’s commitment to instrument reliability, quality engineering, materials & unique features, it is no surprise there are many professional musicians around the world who now play Temby Australia saxophones.

They have unique features that set them apart from other brands including genuine mother of pearl key touches from Broome Western Australia and the fast & smooth actuating roller octave mechanism for correct alignment of the left thumb. This reduces the chance of discomfort, and the potential for repetitive strain injuries to the left hand and wrist. Carbon steel springs give a light & fast key action & Temby’s ultra keywork results in a mechanically quiet mechanism.

Each model has its own individual & beautiful sound. All have warmth when needed & plenty of clarity & projection when you want. These are incredibly versatile saxophones featuring the ultimate in reliability & playing security combined with superb quality design, workmanship & finish.