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Temby Prestige Flute (B foot) (2nd Hand)

Temby Prestige Flute (B foot) (2nd Hand)

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This instrument is in "as new condition".  An excellent deal for this beautiful instrument!


More clarity of sound, more volume, more richness of tone, more accuracy of articulation, better tone at lower volumes – faster tonguing, faster response, smoother legato, easy low C’s, (easier low B with the B foot option).

The Temby Prestige Flute is the logical choice for those who need a great flute that is affordable. The ideal step-up instrument!

The Prestige model’s mechanism, like all other Temby flutes is incredibly precise, strong and reliable to ensure fast, smooth and secure fingering.

The advanced design of the .925 Stirling Silver headjoint , combined with the free blowing nature of the nickel silver body and foot, ensures the ideal combination of very fast response, easy airflow, accurate articulation and most importantly – a beautiful, clear and colourful sound. This is the ideal flute to progress your playing with. It will help you to advance your skills quickly, whether you are a younger student or an adult.

The embouchure hole and lip plate are crafted to Temby’s advanced designs to help students to produce a better sound, more quickly. Intonation and evenness of tone are excellent right across the range.

The “Split E” mechanism helps advancing players to be more accurate and secure when playing in the 3rd octave.

The design is the result of exhaustive research and development, modelling, testing and refinement in consultation with teachers and professional flautists. The keywork has been universally applauded for it’s ergonomic functionality. The nickel-silver keywork is incredibly strong, durable and precision engineered to provide the reliability and security needed to develop playing skills more quickly, and take players to the next level.

The Temby Prestige flute comes with a Temby case cover/carry bag.