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Solar Music Brass & Woodwind

Yamaha 211 used Flute

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$599.00 AUD

Looking for a reliable flute to kickstart your musical journey? Look no further than the Yamaha 211 Flute. Crafted with precision and care, this used instrument has been recently serviced to ensure it's in excellent playing condition, ready to accompany you on your musical endeavors.

Ideal for beginners, school students, or doublers, the Yamaha 211 Flute offers exceptional playability and tone quality. Its silver-plated design not only adds elegance but also contributes to its clear and resonant sound across all registers.

Comfortable to hold and play, this flute features an ergonomic design that minimizes fatigue during practice sessions. Its responsive keys and precise mechanism make it easy for beginners to learn on and offer versatility for various musical styles and settings.

Whether you're honing your skills in a school band, taking private lessons, or performing with ensembles, the Yamaha 211 Flute is a reliable companion. Don't miss out on the opportunity to own this fantastic instrument that combines quality craftsmanship with affordability.

Upgrade your musical experience today with the Yamaha 211 Flute. Shop now and embark on your musical journey with confidence and style!