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Zo Plastic Trumpet

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$249.00 AUD
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$249.00 AUD

The ZO plastic trumpet has valves made from solid alloy metal, with a brass valve casing sleeve giving the player a superior valve action.
These pistons operate on standard valve oil, and have a great valve action.  
We recomend a quailty synthetic valve oil to be used on the pistons which we will supply with every ZO trumpet we sell.

The ZO trumpets features German designed MAW valves for superior response and feel. The build quality of the pistons is superior to all plastic valves - top and bottom valve caps are threaded. The valve springs have also been ground to give a good square seat in the valve, a feature usually only seen on professional level brass instruments. Much thought and care has gone into the design of the most important part of a piston valve section.

We note, the valves are not numbered, because each valve is identical and can be swapped around.

Response and intonation is great. Staff say this is the very best ABS trumpet they have played and will be a great start out light weight trumpet for any young player, or for the pro player wanting a trumpet with a difference.

Comes complete with a soft gig bag and a black Mouthpiece.